Feels like fresh air – Glass Bridge of 天云山

Oh boy! Guys, you won’t believe it! There is FRESH air in Beijing China!

Hi again. I was kidding of course, Beijing pollution isn’t such a big problem (hum hum).

Still, I live in this amazing city, in this incredible historical country. And last September, I started a new job. So, I have new friends and colleagues. And guess what our bosses planned for our first team-building: the glass trail of TianYun Mountains.

You may never have heard about that crazy trail, so let me introduce it to you!

20161023_111651Imagine: flowery mountains and grass-lands, blue sky and hot sunny sun on your skin, and a cable car taking you up on one of the peaks to start a hiking normal day. Seems a bit like the Great Wall right? Well, you are wrong! Because this trail won’t only makes you look ahead to the horizon, but also down to your feet and what happens beneath it! A complete glass trail where you can see hundreds of meters/miles beneath the spot you stand on…. Can’t picture it yet, check those #instapics below.

So the goal is to wear those ugly cover shoes (to keep the transparent trail as clean as possible) and try to figure a way out while you see the scenery beneath your body. You step really slowly and scared AF (sorry) on a transparent trail that circles around the beautiful mountains of TianYun (天云).

Let’s just say, if you fear of the void, this is a big incredible challenge. If you are not, the type of adventurous people, don’t think your mind won’t trick you at some point! This part of Beijing is a less touristic place because not that many tourists know about it. So you meet people on your way through the nature but you may hear from time to time screams. And that freezes you like a really cold bucket challenge. It makes you hope the glass bridge hasn’t cracked under the weight of too many local tourists. Then you start thinking “What if it cracks beneath my own feet?”. Well I did it, I am not injured and I faced my fear, once more. I can only push you to try because the experience and the adrenaline rushing in your body are really exciting.

The story doesn’t end here though. The glass trail is actually the path you  have to follow leading to many amazing surprises those mountains hide. A parachute attraction taking you from one peak to one of the entrance of this trail. More that one breathtaking spot where you can, on solid ground, admire the view and recover from your hiking scary walk. Nice temples on several mountains top. And also the magnificent and really windy Glass Plank Bridge of 天云山.


This bridge moves. This bridge is transparent. You can see EVERYTHING beneath and it is crazy! They only allow a certain amount of people because the bridge, even if it is safe, moves like crazy because of the wind in this in-between gigantic pit. You feel like the bridge itself will end up upside down and drops you into the void. The most amazing moment is when there is less people sitting and posing on it. Then you can really enjoy the “ride” and feel it moves and feel that adrenaline rush coming back up again.

After that, you can take pictures on the glass trail spot with an incredible view and even take some selfies on the mirrored-ground reflecting the sky when you know that actually there is nothing beneath you… again!


See you soon guys! 

2 thoughts on “Feels like fresh air – Glass Bridge of 天云山

  1. amazing views. Enjoy every little bit of everything. I won’t say anything about the language mistakes!!!!!!! great improvement,though. Keep getting up and up , you’re not far from the top. the pics and how you describe them show that! My fingers and toes crossed! Love


    1. You should though! Send me any messages about grammar or spelling errors on WhatsApp! After all we are family so everything coming from you is good if I wish to improve myself 😊


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