Team-building while Hiking – 天云山

A team-building in the mountains, that’s original, isn’t it?!

On September 2016, this is what my new bosses planned for us to bond over… Peaks, fresh air, grass-lands and adrenaline.

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So, I started a new job as a French teacher in China. In our department though, we have already German and Japanese teachers. So it seemed appropriate to get all together one entire day and get to know each other out of the office. We went to this district a bit out of Beijing, called PingGu. There is the TianYun Glass Bridge Mountain (天云山) where you hike and bond over a cliff and transparent pathways through the splendid scenery.

We actually had such fun fearing all at the same time of the void beneath us. In English or Chinese, we supported each other and laughed when one kinda screamed or went forward in slow-motion. We enjoyed taking pictures with the horizon behind us and took selfies on the moving windy Glass Bridge. It was, indeed, a great experience that made us united, even if we were all from different places and speaking many languages.

After that, we really bonded over a nice lunch at a Chinese traditional restaurant.

A team-building is rarely that original. Here, you could enjoy a day outside in the sun and walking through amazingly high peaks. The sensation of being free and being surrounded by people who actually have a lot to give you.

I remember, I almost missed that day! I woke up so late, I couldn’t make it to the meeting point in time. They didn’t let any man behind! We arranged another meeting point so I could join them even if it was all on me. And for that, I will always cherish that day and thank my amazing bosses and colleagues. No matter what happen at the end of this year, sharing so much with those people will always be one of the best memories I have of my time in China. And make no mistakes, there is plenty of them with those guys I consider as a friends and not colleagues anymore.

So, if you need any help finding an amazing out-of-the-ordinary team-building idea, just call me, I have many many ideas that actually doesn’t require barbecues, paint-ball guns or Dj’s.


See you soon guys! 

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