#30YearsOldKid – Age of Reason

What a title !!!

Is this a new biography written by a #gayboy looking for fame on #SocialMedia because he reached 30 years old? It is NOT

My topic is simple and so full of joy!

Yesterday (March 17/18, 2017 if you read this in 10 years) I was awaken by my lovely flatmates at midnight with a cake above my face, a bottle of sparkling wine and a birthday hat! They celebrated my 30th birthday. And so much joy came out of that amazing gesture! I can’t thank them enough! I can’t tell them how much I love them and how amazing it has been so far!

30 years old. Time does fly! And as I haven’t lived much yet, it has been an incredible journey so far. And so many stuff will happen in the near future.

As my year abroad slowly ends, talks and plans are on the table. And I can say that, as mysterious I remain, it will be good. i have the feeling my 30th are going to be the best because adulthood is upon me and serious life choices are about to be made.

We think 30 is the beginning of the end, leading to your long ahead death. Well, I disagree. The man that I am falling for once more has been opening-up about our future together and I am more than impatient to get back to him so we can start our life together. That game changing is about to set things in motion as my blog is my new professional card for new opportunities in another new country (BRAND BRAND new stuff hehe).

I am so excited to start a new adventure as this one is actually still on and full of joy and happy moments. So much going on inside and I can’t even start to describe what turning 30 makes me feel.

Also, I want to tell you this: never EVER stop believing! I hit rock bottom (or so I thought at the time) and I felt like drowning. I got back, my head above the water and I start breathing again as I write this down.

I may be unrealistically sad because I am in love but, beside him and my best friends far away for my birthday, I think in a way it makes me grow a bit more and made me realize that this is just a new beginning as a responsible adult. 30 years old, a lot of responsibilities and so many things I wish to do… and I will! 

The age of reason, still a big kid but aware of certain things and prepared to face life differently. I think you may feel like this when you come to that life changing moment.

Decisions that I make now will clearly define the man that I have become through those 29 years. And it feels good. 

Though, it is only another year added to the previous years….


See you soon guys!

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