I’m in Love (Camera’s On)

Hello again !


Today’s post is about my true love. Uh! No wait… ONE of my true love… God I am bad with words!!!

Today’s gonna be about one big love of my life. Not him though. Yes, I am truly and madly in love with someone, if you haven’t read, a bit about him here (https://romaingijsensblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/from-east-to-the-middle-kingdom-expat-life-i/).

But today’s post isn’t about him though.

20161023_115155I am gonna talk about my love for #Photography! Yes, I am an amateur but I love it. I love this small roundy thing on the back of my smartphone that allows me to stop every 5 steps in the street to capture moments I find magical on my way to happiness (so, on my way to him). SEE! They combine perfectly!

A lot of us are on Instagram. A lot of us seek for “popularity” and some kind of recognition on this amazing social media. We share our life and toughts with a beautiful picture (or a selfie of our boobies/abs). We look for attention.

On my hand, I have my phone. Like I hold it CONSTANTLY. I am addicted. Powerless if my battery reaches 50%. In tears if my 4G is stuck and I miss my deadline post. I am totally into capturing everything, from a dog with a hat (un chien avec un chapeau, French metaphor) to an amazing view on top of the Mountain I am hiking (try to get 4G on top of the Great Wall of China, you will cry your tears out if you’re like me).

This passion of mine isn’t a simple hobby though. It is a real deal. It is therapeutic. It helps me get away when I feel down, as it gives me thrills when I’m about to post my newest joyful #streetphotography.

Here you have samples of my work, though the best is on my Instagram (Oh! Promoting myself I am? @romain_blog you can witness by yourselves).

Of course, the art of photography is now available even to a 5-years-old who doesn’t have Parkinson and stay focus more than 15 seconds. Our phones and the way big companies promote their cameras make photography approachable to each and every one. This is great because everyone can become the next Andy Warhol or get some attention from strangers. This is nice because every single person can get some good returns and express itself as a picture is personal. Heck, I do it so why can’t my neighbor, an 80-years-old lady couldn’t? it makes us open up and share interesting things (most of the time) about ourselves or about what we think/love.

As I said in my first article, I am not posting on Instagram to become the next model to represent Uniqlo or Dolce&Gabana, but in order to share a real passion and stories about the amazing things I see walking this earth every single day. And to be honest, I am not fit to be a model! My man his, and he is good at it. But we’ll talk about him later….

Ok, I guess that’s it for today fellas. You can enjoy my work here, as well as my gallery on Instagram. All critics and positive comments are more than welcome (promoting promoting… @romain_blog) and let me know about your passion, your thing that tingle you from the inside and makes you happy.

See you soon guys! 

All pictures are mine, can be checked on my Instagram : instagram-logo @romain_blog

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