Let’s Bike Our Way Through – #TravelBike – 1

Hello guys. So this week #Brève is about a great thing I have come to LOVE in Beijing: #BIKING !!! In this wild and huge city, you may think that the fastest way to get from your current location to a point B would be the subway. Well, to be fair, Beijing subway is, indeed,… Continue reading Let’s Bike Our Way Through – #TravelBike – 1

Postal services or how your home country screws you ! – A tale of a return home (1/2).

Hi Guys. Today, it’s a short article about something that just happened to me: the loss of a 16kg package sent from my host-country to my home-country. Bloggers, travelers, expats, this is for you but also to everyone who decides, one day, to send a package from a country to the other ! I am… Continue reading Postal services or how your home country screws you ! – A tale of a return home (1/2).

911 What’s Your Emergency? China vs Europe

Hi guys ! It’s been a while ! To be accurate, more than a month (that’s not accurate at all but hey…). I’s been a month that I am back in my hometown (Liège, Belgium). Since I got back, I had to checkup a bit some health problems. Nothing serious, but still concerning. After 3… Continue reading 911 What’s Your Emergency? China vs Europe

日坛 Let us shine like the Sun

Hi guys! I have some funny news to share with you today: I have been modeling/posing for a camera other than mine! I’ll tell you right away: no, I won’t become a model! I am not into that and besides, I am far from being model material. But, funny things happen in China! You know… Continue reading 日坛 Let us shine like the Sun

#Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing

Hey guys, How is your summer so far? OK! Right, it’s still ‘’rainy cool spring’’ for some of my readers, so… #SorryNotSorry! That doesn’t stop you to enjoy a nice brunch, does it? Maybe not outside because of the rainy days you may go through (or snowy ones?), still spring & summer bring back the… Continue reading #Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing

Life style, Chinese way – myths or real reality? (part II)

This one is going to be good. Hi guys, and thanks again to show up in here.  So, no big intro today, it’s a #Daily #Brève. And it’s all about #LifeStyle again! Have you ever wonder how Chinese people actually behave outside of their own home or the office? Yeah, like in the subway or… Continue reading Life style, Chinese way – myths or real reality? (part II)

A Dragon Cave in the City – Spring days

Living in a city may be stressful, missing the quiet green space and its beauty. Living in Beijing IS stressful, add to that rough polluted winter and crazy bad days. So, from time to time, it would be nice to be able to fly away, far away, to recover from all of that. Sucks though,… Continue reading A Dragon Cave in the City – Spring days

#30YearsOldKid – Age of Reason

What a title !!! Is this a new biography written by a #gayboy looking for fame on #SocialMedia because he reached 30 years old? It is NOT My topic is simple and so full of joy! Yesterday (March 17/18, 2017 if you read this in 10 years) I was awaken by my lovely flatmates at… Continue reading #30YearsOldKid – Age of Reason

Baby blog becomes bigger

Updating! Uploading! Writing! Taking care of my baby. Blogging is time-consuming but in a good therapeutic way. At least for me. And I have been congratulated by WordPress for my 10th post. Quite crazy when you realize that I actually started this after so much time. Anyway, now, my baby blog is growing. I get… Continue reading Baby blog becomes bigger

“Hunting Season” – fiction or reality?

So I’ve been re-binge-watching this Ben Bauer’s web series. Super gay I admit but that’s not the only topic I love about this cut-short cute series. Not even the main character’s quest for true love. I identify myself with the character more about his young professional lifestyle and struggles to fit in his life in… Continue reading “Hunting Season” – fiction or reality?