A Dragon Cave in the City – Spring days

Living in a city may be stressful, missing the quiet green space and its beauty.

Living in Beijing IS stressful, add to that rough polluted winter and crazy bad days. So, from time to time, it would be nice to be able to fly away, far away, to recover from all of that.

Sucks though, when would you have the time but in the week-ends? The Great Wall is kinda far, other cities as well, at least 3 hours trip. What can we do to get over that anxiety and oppressing feeling? Find the right place to restore your strength. Where: in the city itself! #WhatNow ?!?!

Yes, you don’t have to live Beijing to actually find green and quiet space to enjoy a bit of sun in March or April. You do not need to take a high-speed train or 2h-flight to escape the pollution; Neither planning a trip in the mountains to get some fresh air and churchy peaceful time. Beijing has its perks, as well as it has awesome locations to escape all of your problems behind for a couple of hours.

This time I will show you one park which is, as I said in this article (https://romaingijsensblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/a-dragon-in-the-city-jungle-beijing-%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%AC-part-i/) a park with less tourist than any others and as quiet as a monastery.

LongTan GongYuan (龙潭湖公) is a huge park with another one as a small annex. Either you decide to visit the big part and its magnificent houses built on the water, or you decide to put your butt on the grass alongside the lake in the small one next to it to read a book. Either way, this park, in Spring at least, is a perfect way to enjoy lonely time or fun pic-nick with friends without being disturb by hundreds of tourists.

Both of them offer fantastic natural scenery and if you do look for a free park to go jog, the small part is perfect as it is really peaceful.

I will give you more pictures in the upcoming days so check my blog out soon, in the meantime this week on my Instagram I decided to post about my previous week-end in this small part of the park.


See you soon guys 


pictures are mine. Go check it out on my Instagram page : instagram-logo @romain_blog

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