Winter is (still) here just a bit – Breaking the tradition!

Ha! The end of the year; Celebrations and festivities; The best period for companies to sell and advertise like we, the target, get bombed by promotion from everywhere; The nightmare for parents to find the right gift for their kids; The perfect dress or suit to buy before the biggest party of (the end of) the year. Yes, the end of the year! When you splash out all your money for… 2 weeks that will become history. Not judging, I do the same. Still, winter mostly means nowadays Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Those 2 to 4 days of family reunion and moving to another full of resolution year.


I, personally, see this period of the year as the saddest. Everywhere you go, people smile and pretend this is the more festive period of the year. Indeed, they make it up like it really is. But when you look at it closely, it’s 3 things: less light day, amazingly cold winds no matter what you wear and finally a moment of perfect loneliness.

Ok, I’ll stop you right now! Iam NOT depressed. I am a big enthusiast. An healthy optimistic kind of guy. I just feel profoundly alone during those celebrations. I have never been used to celebrating Christmas in my family. And to be honest, I don’t really care. My parents raised me well and being a single child I got spoiled as long as they could pay the bills. I am just not a fan of winter, to say the least.

This time was, weirdly, a bit different. This time, I felt a bit less… alone. Well, kinda…. I got dumped a month before Christmas by the love of my life but you know, moving on to what matters here. Well, actually that matters. I found out the right person in my life, I bailed on him, I got kicked in the… by Karma. And I spent those holidays without him, when I actually wished only for him. Anywho, I felt less alone and depressed because I have a great job and moreover, amazing flatmates who made those two weeks more bearable. And I live in Beijing, China.

Despite the pollution increase and the really (like REALLY) cold weather zài Beijing, I enjoyed the city and its lights and decorations more than if I was single back home. I love my friends but for once, I did something completely out of the ordinary! I broke the tradition. And that what makes it more bearable. To break the traditions. To avoid overthinking what to year for the special big party of NYE. To actually save money instead of buying a gift for a relative you know will pretend to like your gift.

Those traditional stuffs we do all the time are actually boring me year after year. And here, I could finally do something out of the ordinary. Beijing itself is out of normality. City lights, the atmosphere, the way people act, all of it isn’t part of their culture. And that is

Beijing – Winter city lights

the point: live another experience that makes it more special. Eat a traditional “hot pot” instead of the turkey. Order pizza online and improvise a karaoke at your place (and break some glasses in the same time) and enjoy with new friends. Go outside (no matter what you wear) and enjoy the city like you have never before (be aware of the pollution though). That made my winter less painful. As much as I miss my family and friends, I got the chance to revisit winter. And soon, I will revisit once more while traveling in China thanks to the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. Hong Kong and Shanghai (and a one-day trip to Macau) are the next untraditional thing I will have the pleasure to live.

All of this to tell you to go, be bold from time to time and break the traditions we always follow. At least once in your life.

The only wish I didn’t see come true is him by my side but hey… Time will eventually bring new great things and who knows… maybe he’s gonna be around to live it with him.


See you soon guys! 

All pictures are mine. check out for more my Instagram:  instagram-logo @romain_blog


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