China vs Europe (part I) – 5 things you may ignore

Hey y’all! How is everything going for you guys on these sunny summer days? On my side, so far so good.  Cold, rainy Belgium may have its perks, but have so much to give back too. Yet, lately, I’ve been thinking about what I truly miss from my year and so abroad in China. And… Continue reading China vs Europe (part I) – 5 things you may ignore

Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Hi everyone ! #ThrowBack / #FlashBack It has been a while since I haven’t posted a new article here. You know, being back in Europe, some health issues and other things that kept me away from my beloved #blog. But now, it’s 2018 and it’s time to get back to what I love: telling travel… Continue reading Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Dragon Cave in the City – Gallery

LongTanHu (龙潭湖公园) is, as I mention it in a previous blog post (click here : a quiet and breathtaking parc in the center of Beijing, not far from the Temple of Heaven. I already posted pictures from this amazing Dragon Cave (you can check it out here : ) but thosepictures are the one… Continue reading Dragon Cave in the City – Gallery

Temple of Earth

  All pictures are mine  for more check my instagram :  @romain_blog 

Away from the city hustle & bustle – Gallery of a peaceful Dragon Pool

Hustle and bustle is your way of traveling? Noisy crowded places as well? Wrong place indeed! LongTan is quiet, peaceful and you can avoid the jostle of the big city here. Here below a great article on the Beijing-visitor website to learn more about it. also links to my two first publications about this amazing… Continue reading Away from the city hustle & bustle – Gallery of a peaceful Dragon Pool

Glass Plank Bridge (天云山)

TianYun Shan (天云山), well known as the Glass Plank Bridge, is a pathway through the mountains in PingGu District in Beijing, China. This spot is less touristic than the Great Wall. I don’t know why but it feels good to be able to walk around and take nice pictures whithout too many people on the… Continue reading Glass Plank Bridge (天云山)

Winter Captures

Winter is almost gone in Beijing China!

Still, cold winds are blowing.

Still, temperature goes below zero at night.

However, days are longer, sun is shining and the pollution is sent away slowly as we head towards Spring.

Here is a few captures I did through several days :

  • one snowy day (yes we only had one so far)
  • night decorations for Christmas in the heart of the city

Grab a coat and let’s walk together in Beijing where you think pollution rules but actually the sun is the only king in this amazing historical kingdom.