Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Hi everyone ! #ThrowBack / #FlashBack It has been a while since I haven’t posted a new article here. You know, being back in Europe, some health issues and other things that kept me away from my beloved #blog. But now, it’s 2018 and it’s time to get back to what I love: telling travel… Continue reading Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

4 Temples Stroll – Temple of Heaven 天坛公园 (Walkli collaboration)

Hi guys ! After a long period of time, I can finally give you a piece of a new project I have been working on since I left Beijing. Before leaving my amazing life as an expat (for now!), I received an amazing proposition : a collaboration with an American web site called “Walkli”. Walkli is… Continue reading 4 Temples Stroll – Temple of Heaven 天坛公园 (Walkli collaboration)

#Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing

Hey guys, How is your summer so far? OK! Right, it’s still ‘’rainy cool spring’’ for some of my readers, so… #SorryNotSorry! That doesn’t stop you to enjoy a nice brunch, does it? Maybe not outside because of the rainy days you may go through (or snowy ones?), still spring & summer bring back the… Continue reading #Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing

Trendy Daily Chinese Routine – Is it tea time?

Hey guys! So, I figured, as I tag and hashtag #LifeStyleBlogger from time to time, that it is about TIME I actually write MORE about life style in China. To be honest, I got plenty of nice places and things related to a great life style as a usual kind of guy (nothing fancy like… Continue reading Trendy Daily Chinese Routine – Is it tea time?