From East to the Middle Kingdom… Expat life (I)

Hi guys,

Welc1-from-east-to-the-middle-kingdom-expat-life-iome back.

For this first post, I decided to talk to you about my big life-changing decision made almost a year ago (part I)

Why? Because it implies #TravelBlogging and #AwesomeAdventures.


You may wonder: why change everything? Why leave family and friends behind to start over all by myself?  Well, when you know that at some point in your life you need more because of social media, you decide to start a big adventure and become the next awesome traveler who is gonna bring peace everywhere he goes.

WAIT, WHAT??? (…)

Nah! Kidding!

Actually, I had a quite annoying first professional experience which led me to quitting my job and struggling back home to mummy at almost 30 years old. So, after looking up on Google, our best friend, I found a way to come to China. I wanted to go far from Europe… I clearly managed to do that!

However, I never expected to fall in love before leaving my beautiful country (yes, Belgium is great and worth visiting). I sincerely never thought that I would start over… with more pain in my chest than I expected.1-from-east-to-the-middle-kingdom-expat-life-i-5

We always see traveling far away as a great experience and an even more awesome thing to do while you still can. It is, don’t get me wrong, but with much more consequences than leaving your home for a new apartment 3 blocks away. Expatriation has a cost, and I’m paying for it since the moment my flight landed in Beijing.

Let’s be clear: traveling far away remains a big step, and on a resume it is indeed a big plus to push up your career. But what we often forget or deny at first is the weight of loneliness, regrets from time-to-time and financial consequences following the excitement.

It’s hard for me because I left behind the one that I consider as “my person” (HUGE fan of #GreysAnatomy here), my true love. But as I said, financial consequences were a big wall to break through if I wanted to come back.

You really have to consider EVERYTHING if you feel like a “one-year or more” trip abroad
is what makes you happy. Think about the fact that you will put a lot of effort on prep and have enormous expenses at first.

1-from-east-to-the-middle-kingdom-expat-life-i-3Again, don’t get me wrong… Expat life is EXCITING, as much as exhausting. You will experience many things that even done before, alone in a wild new foreign country it feels… differently good.

You will, obviously, meet a lot of new interesting people!

You will go out but a new place a new bar and a new group of friends will change it all.

You will also explore and appreciate some things differently, which is good!

As long as you know what you leave behind, what you will have to endure and which are your reasons, an expat-life is #AWESOME and way more fulfilling than staying in your room dreaming about doing it.

Again, it’s not for everyone, but still, I believe that anyone would be able to do it if the desire of traveling a bit is in your mind.


See you soon guys!

Pictures are all mine – Instagram : @romain_blog

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