China vs Europe (part I) – 5 things you may ignore

Hey y’all! How is everything going for you guys on these sunny summer days? On my side, so far so good.  Cold, rainy Belgium may have its perks, but have so much to give back too. Yet, lately, I’ve been thinking about what I truly miss from my year and so abroad in China. And… Continue reading China vs Europe (part I) – 5 things you may ignore

Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Hi everyone ! #ThrowBack / #FlashBack It has been a while since I haven’t posted a new article here. You know, being back in Europe, some health issues and other things that kept me away from my beloved #blog. But now, it’s 2018 and it’s time to get back to what I love: telling travel… Continue reading Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Scan ton bike & smile – Paris à vélo #TravelBike -2

Salut les amis ! Pour ce premier article en français (English part here), je reste dans la continuité de mon sujet précédent : le système de vélo à louer. Je vous l’ai dit, en Chine (à Pékin, à lire ici), j’utilisais constamment les applications pour « emprunter » un vélo à la ville et m’en aller pédaler sur les… Continue reading Scan ton bike & smile – Paris à vélo #TravelBike -2

Let’s Bike Our Way Through – #TravelBike – 1

Hello guys. So this week #Brève is about a great thing I have come to LOVE in Beijing: #BIKING !!! In this wild and huge city, you may think that the fastest way to get from your current location to a point B would be the subway. Well, to be fair, Beijing subway is, indeed,… Continue reading Let’s Bike Our Way Through – #TravelBike – 1

4 Temples Stroll – Temple of Heaven 天坛公园 (Walkli collaboration)

Hi guys ! After a long period of time, I can finally give you a piece of a new project I have been working on since I left Beijing. Before leaving my amazing life as an expat (for now!), I received an amazing proposition : a collaboration with an American web site called “Walkli”. Walkli is… Continue reading 4 Temples Stroll – Temple of Heaven 天坛公园 (Walkli collaboration)

911 What’s Your Emergency? China vs Europe

Hi guys ! It’s been a while ! To be accurate, more than a month (that’s not accurate at all but hey…). I’s been a month that I am back in my hometown (Liège, Belgium). Since I got back, I had to checkup a bit some health problems. Nothing serious, but still concerning. After 3… Continue reading 911 What’s Your Emergency? China vs Europe

Nominated for the Liebster Award

So 2017 marked something big in my life: I finally started my #blog !!! That was huge. And it’s getting even more interesting as I slowly grow and meet new #bloggers on my travels. It was even bigger when I got nominated for this amazing Award for bloggers! The Liebster Award. I have been nominated… Continue reading Nominated for the Liebster Award