Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Hi everyone ! #ThrowBack / #FlashBack It has been a while since I haven’t posted a new article here. You know, being back in Europe, some health issues and other things that kept me away from my beloved #blog. But now, it’s 2018 and it’s time to get back to what I love: telling travel… Continue reading Happy New Year… still? 新年快乐

Scan ton bike & smile – Paris à vélo #TravelBike -2

Salut les amis ! Pour ce premier article en français (English part here), je reste dans la continuité de mon sujet précédent : le système de vélo à louer. Je vous l’ai dit, en Chine (à Pékin, à lire ici), j’utilisais constamment les applications pour « emprunter » un vélo à la ville et m’en aller pédaler sur les… Continue reading Scan ton bike & smile – Paris à vélo #TravelBike -2

Let’s Bike Our Way Through – #TravelBike – 1

Hello guys. So this week #Brève is about a great thing I have come to LOVE in Beijing: #BIKING !!! In this wild and huge city, you may think that the fastest way to get from your current location to a point B would be the subway. Well, to be fair, Beijing subway is, indeed,… Continue reading Let’s Bike Our Way Through – #TravelBike – 1

I Heart Your Beauty – 七九八 798 Art District

Hi guys, Welcome back. This week’s blog post is a bit different. You’ve seen me walking on the Great Wall of China, posing in some Temple parks and being a lonely writer alongside a lake. I do love nature and its beauty. I do love some other things too. I am a man of the… Continue reading I Heart Your Beauty – 七九八 798 Art District

Chasing the light – 日坛 the Temple of the Sun

Hey guys, Today’s post is a logical follow up to 2 previous articles I posted a few month ago and a few days ago. First, let me introduce you to the topic: my visit and day in the Temple of the Sun, commonly named Ritan (pronounce Ju-ta-N), 日坛 in Chinese. 日 (ri) means « the day”… Continue reading Chasing the light – 日坛 the Temple of the Sun

日坛 Let us shine like the Sun

Hi guys! I have some funny news to share with you today: I have been modeling/posing for a camera other than mine! I’ll tell you right away: no, I won’t become a model! I am not into that and besides, I am far from being model material. But, funny things happen in China! You know… Continue reading 日坛 Let us shine like the Sun

#Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing

Hey guys, How is your summer so far? OK! Right, it’s still ‘’rainy cool spring’’ for some of my readers, so… #SorryNotSorry! That doesn’t stop you to enjoy a nice brunch, does it? Maybe not outside because of the rainy days you may go through (or snowy ones?), still spring & summer bring back the… Continue reading #Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing