911 What’s Your Emergency? China vs Europe

Hi guys ! It’s been a while ! To be accurate, more than a month (that’s not accurate at all but hey…). I’s been a month that I am back in my hometown (Liège, Belgium). Since I got back, I had to checkup a bit some health problems. Nothing serious, but still concerning. After 3… Continue reading 911 What’s Your Emergency? China vs Europe

Nominated for the Liebster Award

So 2017 marked something big in my life: I finally started my #blog !!! That was huge. And it’s getting even more interesting as I slowly grow and meet new #bloggers on my travels. It was even bigger when I got nominated for this amazing Award for bloggers! The Liebster Award. I have been nominated… Continue reading Nominated for the Liebster Award

Dragon Cave in the City – Gallery

LongTanHu (龙潭湖公园) is, as I mention it in a previous blog post (click here : https://romaingijsensblog.com/2017/03/15/a-dragon-in-the-city-jungle-beijing-%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%AC-part-i/) a quiet and breathtaking parc in the center of Beijing, not far from the Temple of Heaven. I already posted pictures from this amazing Dragon Cave (you can check it out here : https://romaingijsensblog.com/2017/03/24/away-from-the-city-hustle-bustle-gallery-of-a-peaceful-dragon-pool/ ) but thosepictures are the one… Continue reading Dragon Cave in the City – Gallery

I Heart Your Beauty – 七九八 798 Art District

Hi guys, Welcome back. This week’s blog post is a bit different. You’ve seen me walking on the Great Wall of China, posing in some Temple parks and being a lonely writer alongside a lake. I do love nature and its beauty. I do love some other things too. I am a man of the… Continue reading I Heart Your Beauty – 七九八 798 Art District

Chasing the light – 日坛 the Temple of the Sun

Hey guys, Today’s post is a logical follow up to 2 previous articles I posted a few month ago and a few days ago. First, let me introduce you to the topic: my visit and day in the Temple of the Sun, commonly named Ritan (pronounce Ju-ta-N), 日坛 in Chinese. 日 (ri) means « the day”… Continue reading Chasing the light – 日坛 the Temple of the Sun

日坛 Let us shine like the Sun

Hi guys! I have some funny news to share with you today: I have been modeling/posing for a camera other than mine! I’ll tell you right away: no, I won’t become a model! I am not into that and besides, I am far from being model material. But, funny things happen in China! You know… Continue reading 日坛 Let us shine like the Sun

#Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing

Hey guys, How is your summer so far? OK! Right, it’s still ‘’rainy cool spring’’ for some of my readers, so… #SorryNotSorry! That doesn’t stop you to enjoy a nice brunch, does it? Maybe not outside because of the rainy days you may go through (or snowy ones?), still spring & summer bring back the… Continue reading #Brunch – Summer breeze in Beijing