Nominated for the Liebster Award

So 2017 marked something big in my life: I finally started my #blog !!!

That was huge. And it’s getting even more interesting as I slowly grow and meet new #bloggers on my travels.

It was even bigger when I got nominated for this amazing Award for bloggers! The Liebster Award.

I have been nominated by 2 other bloggers so far and I can’t even thank them enough for that amazing opportunity!

Liebster Award 2

Nominated by two amazing blogger friends

First, my dear compatriots Cindy (Cindy’s lifetime travels here) who speaks a lot but we actually love it! She is a twenty-something girl from Belgium (as I said, my compatriots) with amazing writting skills and a passion for colorful travels. Her blog is fresh and filled with greqt anecdotes about her trips it makes you feel like you’re actually living her stories while writing them. She also post daily on #Instagram (Cind’ys gallery) and her pictures are as colorful and amazing as her blog!

Second, my newly Facebook friend and long-time Twitter friend Cath and Ian, her partner in crime. This couple believes in the simple fact that traveling is to possess the world. I love that quote as it is more relevant when you go read in depth their amazing travel stories. From Austria (their country) to Morocco (their latest #blogpost), they decided to travel “slowly”. By that, they mean that they prefer to stay longer in one place so they can really visit their new destination than pass by quickly and jump on the next plane just to say they experienced it. Their way of living is extraordinary as together they try explore in depth places they settle down to and are, after their experience, ready to help anyone to plan a short or long trip wherever they lived for weeks or months. Informative, accurate, their stories is what we all dream about: make your life a constant travel lifestyle.

Liebster Award 4

What is that award all about?

The Liebster award, to me, is this amazing way of connecting bloggers (usually beginners) together. I wouldn’t say it’s a way to promote others blog or yourself, but more like a real way of sharing each other’s passion and lifestyle as we actually share a same hobby: traveling!

You are nominated by others (so, in a way, they promote you) and you, as well, thank and promote other bloggers you think deserve a shout-out as you think their blog is worth the attention from your audience, as small/big it can be.

As I said, it also connects us, makes us closer as we go beyond commenting and liking each other’s post.

It is also the perfect opportunity to talk a bit about yourself (#MeMyself&I) ! Why? Because, you have to answer several questions about you, your travel adventures and/or life. That is the perfect opportunity for your readers to know you a bit more as you are, to your readers, another girl/guy rambling about his life but with no face or real connection to them. They get to know you at least for some part of you.


Questions from the Liebster Award:

1. How did traveling changed my life?

Through this year (2016-2017) it changed a lot as it is my first time away from my home for so long (a year and so).

I packed and left my little Belgium to go start a brand new life in China, 7000 km away. No friends, family. And it was extreme but so rewarding. Traveling alone is a big step but it makes you grow in ways you would never imagine:

  • you are facing an unknown country and culture all alone
  • you also face problems with no one close to you to help you
  • you make mistakes as you act usually as you would back home but realizing in your new environment things are completely different.

Etc. Living across the world is a big challenge and everything is so different you have to adapt and get use to the customs. That changed me in many ways as I used to rely on my friends and family if needed. Now, I am the only actor of my life and everything that I have done this past year was based on my own judgment.

2. What’s the best place I’ve ever been and why?

Even if I haven’t lived in Greece, visiting that country was a big step in my traveling life. At that time, I was finishing high-school and we had a trip planned based on our option. As a student learning Latin and Ancient Greek, Greece (Athens and stuff) was the obvious destination for us. As a history lover, it was a dream come true: seeing the Parthenon and other historical places I have been reading and translating about during my adolescenthood.

I have to add the Great Wall of China though….

I used to be in love with Lara Croft back in my straight days. And I was also gaming! So, when Lara was dropped off the helicopter in the beginning of the second game on the Great Wall of China, I couldn’t stop thinking about this Wall. I had to go there at least once in my life. I was 7 or 8 years old. 21 years later, I did stepped on that amazing man-kind work. I achieved my goal and I hiked on the Wall as Lara did. Though, I’ve never been confronted to tigers or giant spiders. We saw a snake though… worse than anything else…

3. What does “travel blogger” means to me? 

As I graduated in Communication & Marketing, and addicted to #SocialMedia, being a blogger was an obvious path in my life.

beside that work-related path, I have always been a huge dreamer and traveling lover. I love discovering new things, visiting new places and learning about new cultures and history of civilizations.

I am a talker… I talk a lot. And I write a lot! I love it. It’s the best way to express my feelings and speak up freely. A blog is the obvious choice as well, as it is your own space of freedom.

So I decided to link both professional and personal aspects. My blog is my own place where I can tell whatever I want but is also my way of showing future employers my skills.

And to be honest, in both aspects, it is for me with a lot of passion that I write a new article.

4. Bike or train? 


Since I am using the shared-bikes in Beijing (new post about biking in Beijing soon available), I bike EVERYDAY! I never use the subway unless my destination is way too far and/or the weather doesn’t allow it.

But then, biking or taking the train? Here in China, you wouldn’t dare ride a bike if you actually need to take the train. Though, a biking trip with friends would be an amazing experience if you’re willing to sleep outdoors. See the next question for that.

5. Hotel or tent? 


As I said : a biking trip and sleeping outdoor would be amazing. The only fear I have is the creatures of the night… I mean, if I sleep in a tent and around us snakes are actually festing or dreaming of us as dinner, I would choose the hotel no matter the experience!

Then again, hotels are great if you are just on vacation and in a city.

6. Wild or urban travel?

As I said… I avoid snakes, but I love hike in the mountains as I enjoy to visit art galleries and monuments in the city. Take Roma : the Colosseum is in the city and is the best thing there. On the other hand, in Beijing, the Great Wall is in the mountains 2 to 3h away from the city. This is the best thing I have done since I live here.

Same for Hong Kong : an island with a city filled with many interesting things to visit but also so many hike and treks in the surrounding mountains and stroll in the islands around.

7. Who and/or what inspired me to travel?

Lara Croft !!!

Maybe Ulysse as well. Even if I never encountered any mermaids or cyclopes!

Max Emerson and all those powerful gay couples?! Maybe they make me dream of bigger things too.

Definitely my dear friend Sché, who left Belgium to start her life in HK and made me wanna leave as well. She is the reason I ended up in China! And I can’t thank her for the involuntary push.

8. A camera or a phone?

I am an #Instagramers. I take pictures as I tweet. I use my phone constantly. I own 3 different power-banks in case of.

But as a photographer, even if your pictures are nowadays amazing on a phone, a real camera remains the best tool ever !

9. What would be a perfect day for me?

My boyfriend (well… when I find one), the beach, the sun and the sound of the waves and the ocean.

Then, after tanning, our friends joining and we have a perfect moment in the cocktail bar on the same beach with amazing music.

10. What’s the most amazing thing about China?

Oh dear… Why did I ask myself that question ?

The best thing?

I can’t answer that as everything was amazing : the people I have met (foreigners and locals), learning the language and their way of thinking, the teacher position and the kids I had in my class, my colleagues and my roommates, the food, the Temples, historical places and the Wall…

People have a bad opinion about China because of the government and the pollution but I can swear Beijing is an amazing place and worth the trip!

Liebster Award 3

My nominees:

As I don’t know a lot of bloggers so far, and have some connections to some, here is the list of my nominees :

  • Ayaan & Safiyya two amazing human being with a big heart and a passion for traveling and their life in Dubai
  • Zoë that amazing Blonde who’s sharing her lifestyle through amazing writing and pictures
  • Hanna another blonde with amazing travel tips, off the road stories and crazy beautiful Instagram pictures
  • Torben an Instagram friend who makes me laugh and makes us dream with her beautiful girlfriend captured during their amazing trips across the world
  • Rose and her lovely smile sharing joy and nice stories
  • Theresa who is another amazing blogger I get to know through a group and now is more than just an amazing traveler I love to read about
  • Kim and Darren another amazing couple I have met on Twitter and who shares their amazing colorful life
  • Expat Panda who is one of the first followers I had and since a real support as I also admire his work
  • Fiona the super traveling mum who’s also a compatriots of mine!
  • and finally Manmeet who is not a porn start (quoting himself) but a FOMOist (go check what he means by that)

So, this is it.

For now, I’ll let you discover all of those amazing ppl and I’ll see you soon for more interesting #lifestyle stories and sightseeing wherever I go.


See you soon guys!

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