Dragon Cave in the City – Gallery

LongTanHu (龙潭湖公园) is, as I mention it in a previous blog post (click here : https://romaingijsensblog.com/2017/03/15/a-dragon-in-the-city-jungle-beijing-%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%AC-part-i/) a quiet and breathtaking parc in the center of Beijing, not far from the Temple of Heaven.

I already posted pictures from this amazing Dragon Cave (you can check it out here : https://romaingijsensblog.com/2017/03/24/away-from-the-city-hustle-bustle-gallery-of-a-peaceful-dragon-pool/ ) but thosepictures are the one I took in April 2016 when I first got in China and my roommates and I first found this parc by mistake (trying to actually get to the Temple of Heaven!).

All pictures are mine, taken with my old Samsung Galaxy S4. You can check them out on my #Instagram @romain_blog


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