Do you wish for a Great walk or a comfy hike on the Wall?

Hello dear fellas! Hello hikers and mountain climbers. Hello simple tourist who wishes to take a selfie on top of the world. This post will be especially for those who want to visit/hike on the Great Wall of China. Obviously, I am no tourist-guide so this can also be for your own curiosity if you… Continue reading Do you wish for a Great walk or a comfy hike on the Wall?

Traveling #Lifestyle – A lonely process?

So, as I was sitting there, in this quite park, alongside the lake, for at least 3 hours, contemplating a beautiful sunset, couldn’t stop thinking. I decided it was time. Time to accept. Time to acknowledge. Time to write it down. Time to stop overthinking it and put literally pen to paper. Hello again guys!… Continue reading Traveling #Lifestyle – A lonely process?

Team-building while Hiking – 天云山

A team-building in the mountains, that’s original, isn’t it?! On September 2016, this is what my new bosses planned for us to bond over… Peaks, fresh air, grass-lands and adrenaline. If you haven’t read my article yet, check the links below (blog post and pics gallery). So, I started a new job as a French… Continue reading Team-building while Hiking – 天云山

Feels like fresh air – Glass Bridge of 天云山

Oh boy! Guys, you won’t believe it! There is FRESH air in Beijing China! Hi again. I was kidding of course, Beijing pollution isn’t such a big problem (hum hum). Still, I live in this amazing city, in this incredible historical country. And last September, I started a new job. So, I have new friends… Continue reading Feels like fresh air – Glass Bridge of 天云山

Glass Plank Bridge (天云山)

TianYun Shan (天云山), well known as the Glass Plank Bridge, is a pathway through the mountains in PingGu District in Beijing, China. This spot is less touristic than the Great Wall. I don’t know why but it feels good to be able to walk around and take nice pictures whithout too many people on the… Continue reading Glass Plank Bridge (天云山)

I stepped on History, Great walk on the Wall – Expat life (II)

Winter is OVER! Not coming before next year. Here, it’s the Spring Festival, and pollution is slowly blown away, birds are singing again. On this note, I want to talk to you about my first time… on the Wall! No giant here, no White Walkers or other Wargl, just History itself. Nature, sun, blue sky,… Continue reading I stepped on History, Great walk on the Wall – Expat life (II)

I’m in Love (Camera’s On)

Hello again ! Today’s post is about my true love. Uh! No wait… ONE of my true love… God I am bad with words!!! Today’s gonna be about one big love of my life. Not him though. Yes, I am truly and madly in love with someone, if you haven’t read, a bit about him… Continue reading I’m in Love (Camera’s On)