#30YearsOldKid – Age of Reason

What a title !!! Is this a new biography written by a #gayboy looking for fame on #SocialMedia because he reached 30 years old? It is NOT My topic is simple and so full of joy! Yesterday (March 17/18, 2017 if you read this in 10 years) I was awaken by my lovely flatmates at… Continue reading #30YearsOldKid – Age of Reason

Baby blog becomes bigger

Updating! Uploading! Writing! Taking care of my baby. Blogging is time-consuming but in a good therapeutic way. At least for me. And I have been congratulated by WordPress for my 10th post. Quite crazy when you realize that I actually started this after so much time. Anyway, now, my baby blog is growing. I get… Continue reading Baby blog becomes bigger

“Hunting Season” – fiction or reality?

So I’ve been re-binge-watching this Ben Bauer’s web series. Super gay I admit but that’s not the only topic I love about this cut-short cute series. Not even the main character’s quest for true love. I identify myself with the character more about his young professional lifestyle and struggles to fit in his life in… Continue reading “Hunting Season” – fiction or reality?

Team-building while Hiking – 天云山

A team-building in the mountains, that’s original, isn’t it?! On September 2016, this is what my new bosses planned for us to bond over… Peaks, fresh air, grass-lands and adrenaline. If you haven’t read my article yet, check the links below (blog post and pics gallery). So, I started a new job as a French… Continue reading Team-building while Hiking – 天云山