“Hunting Season” – fiction or reality?

So I’ve been re-binge-watching this Ben Bauer’s web series. Super gay I admit but that’s not the only topic I love about this cut-short cute series. Not even the main character’s quest for true love. I identify myself with the character more about his young professional lifestyle and struggles to fit in his life in a big city.

I cannot tell you enough (especially to my previous readers), turning 30 is a big step nowadays. You used to dream big and hope for so many things when you reach adulthood.

Yet, when you actually start adulthood everything turns out to be kinda really far away from what you’ve expected. I mean, a job is hard enough to find and to enjoy! So many opportunities, so much to prove while getting interviews. And you try, try and try to find the best place or at least the right job which would fit best.

You know it is harder when, like me, you are a huge addict to social media and start following influencers or public figures on the internet that seem to succeed so easily. Did they though? Well they may have worked hard to get where there are, for some of them. So you wish to be the next best blogger or Youtuber or Instagramer. Important when you wish to work as a Community Manager in a good company. Even if you do not desire to become as popular as they are, you still need to show your soon-to-be potential employer you are a good asset with a nice background on social media. Harder than ever now that everyone is actually blogging and becoming the next Andy Warhol on Instagram or other virtual platforms.

So you put your best on the web and hope you’ll reach the expectations. That’s actually a part of Ben Bauer’s storyline in “Hunting Season”. And re-watching it made me re-think about my life, once more.

I’m an optimist. A big dreamer to say the least. A boy in a body of a “man”. My head is still filled with big hopes and dreams. And as far as I have been, I cannot say I have failed in life, nor I have succeeded. I mean by that professionally AND personally. I fell in love, got hurt when I actually thought I would live happily ever after, and get stuck in a unpredictable situation. I graduated, lacked of experience, found an intensive training, got a job, quitted for many reasons and struggled. I found a new job, not even a bit related to my field of expertise. And so many changes to come again at the end of my one-year contract abroad.

A soon-to-be 30 years old young man dreaming of fixing things in his own life but stuck in unknown choices to make in a kinda near future. That’s how I felt connected to the character of Alex. And I guess until July I will feel that way, unsecure and in constant doubts about myself or my life. The good thing is, I am not the only one in a world of young adults as lost as I  am and confused about everything. And the best way to try to make the most of it is maybe to take actions and maybe while writing this Daily Brève, I will get good outcomes sooner… or later. As I said, an optimist.

See you soon guys! 

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