Baby blog becomes bigger

Updating! Uploading! Writing! Taking care of my baby.

Blogging is time-consuming but in a good therapeutic way. At least for me. And I have been congratulated by WordPress for my 10th post. Quite crazy when you realize that I actually started this after so much time.

Anyway, now, my baby blog is growing. I get inspired reading comments, other’s blog and looking back at old pictures I took traveling around my hometown or around the world. And by growing I mean shape, content and style is defined with clarity now. Especially the design I dreamt of for my first real stable relationship with writing. I am really curious. I am interested in a lot of things. I have many passions and I also give up sometimes too easily moving to the other thing I want to do/learn. But lately, I have been faithful. Not only to my blog, but to all of my accounts. I use Instagram to keep on promoting my love for photography and advert about my blog from time to time. I keep on tweeting and following accounts I find relatively interesting considering LGBTQ, TV shows and Marketing topics worth the time. And I keep on writing like this Daily Brève because I found in writing down my own stuff quite good for my well-being. Facebook is actually just a relay, or a way to keep in touch with my friends as I live abroad and train is no option to reach them.

All of this to say I am proud to finally really promote my baby as my writing style, my blog design and my subsections have been all updated as I wanted them to be. And now, I can tell you more what to expect in the nearest future.

You can still consider my blog as a #TravelBlog and #TravelPhotography kind of blog. I am still in China; I have a lot to tell about my #Lifestyle in Beijing and my trips here (so far Hong Kong and Shanghai). I also lived a couple months in Morocco and one of my trip is actually closely link to my passion of History, more precisely the Antiquity.

You can also expect more Daily Brève as it is a way to simply talk about daily stuff and related most of the time to my blog or my gallery.

Speaking of my gallery, I decided to update even more my gallery on my blog when I see all the pictures I take weekly here and there. Those photography-focused posts will be captioned as you can also follow my adventures on my Instagram feed.

Behind the fact that I love talking to you about my stuff and give you some pieces of information about traveling, I have to admit my secret goal: going back to my first job love which is Community Management. I hope that my blog and my Instagram (and my Twitter presence) will help me peak the interest of future employers and get back on that horse I left behind when I decided to move in China. So, your help is obviously needed, your support as well, as much as your constructive critics.

My blog: to help you go through my brand new shiny blog, here is a written map to understand what post can be found here or there.

Home section: is a mix of my latest posts. Take a look and choose if you like it random.

About: is my first post ever. It explains a bit who I am and gives you tips about my personal life.

Blog: obviously you find in this section my publications. I mean the big guns. I mean the biggest part of my entire blog, dedicated to my travel stories. Longer, funnier and illustrated.

Gallery: a short caption (usually) followed by a loads of pictures about what I see through my phone. It’s usually related to the latest blog post I wrote, illustrating even more what I am talking about.

Weekly Daily: this is the Brève Daily Diary section. You find articles like this one, short texts about almost everything and most of the time time-related (more or less like a live feed about actual facts or stuff happening).


See you soon guys!

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