Why are you so afraid of China? Chinese myths (part I)

Hey guys, what’s up with you?

So lately I have been thinking (like I do every day though). And I thought it was time to talk z bit more about this country I heard so much about before starting my great adventure. We all have heard about China, this communist (not to say worse things about the government) and mysterious country, economically #BadAss and so polluted…. But you guys, beside those (true) facts, what else do you know? Oh yeah, the Great Wall! What else? Shanghai and its Bund looking like a small Manhattan.

Well, there are so many things I could tell you, bad and good, funny and kind of weird. Let’s just stick to 2 facts this time:

Spring blurry

  • Wanna fresh air? Weather myth:

Okay! You got me! Pollution IS real! Still, China and Beijing are not only polluted… most of the time!

Let’s just say, some days are really bad, others are kinda ok, but so many are even better than a summer on a desert protected paradisiac island. I am not kidding!

True, winter is the WORSE period ever! No wonder why all Beijingers fly out of the city to go back to their family in the countryside every winter break (around the Chinese New Year). Temperature goes way under -10°C, pollution is at its peak. Hard to convince you to come on those days, but for a quite big city (I mean DEAD city).

After that, spring clears up slowly the air and the sky. So let me describe it for you with one word: BREAHTAKING. Spring is amazingly beautiful! Flowers blossoming again, temperatures going from 15 to 25°C in a week, sun shining in a blue blue sky!


After a long dark dreary period, Beijing gives you his beauty on a silver plate, and it’s a treat. No matter if the pollution comes back from time to time, my second spring here is awesome.

We still go through a bit of foggy days but at some point, winds will blow the unhealthy air away.

So, yes China and specifically northerner part is polluted, however sunny beautiful days are worth it when you decide to come in the right time. And trust me when I say that spring doesn’t last long here, heat is increasing fast and in April you can already expect a good suntan faster than catching a cold on a freezing day of winter.

  • I fear for my safety – Chinese rules:

Another big myth about China? What the hell would you come in a country with such a government and as strict as it is? Well, because you are NOT Chinese! Daaaaa!

Yes, it may be hard on Chinese people, it may be scary but it is actually… the safest place I have ever been!

If you see a fight in the street, grab your camera and record it! You may never see that again.

If you here a scream in the streets at 4 am, do not run, there is an explanation: someone is making an announcement. No one is attacking or raping somebody else!

If you are scared to walk alone with so many people around you, checking your pockets every five minutes and find out you lost your wallet? Look back, someone actually picked it up FOR you and is trying either to find you or give it to a police officer nearby!

I felt asleep in a club last year. Couldn’t handle my sparkling water (hum!) and my bright white Samsung was on the table. My friend woke me up 1h later, I just grabbed my phone and left.

I saw a lady leaving one of her bag in the subway once. A young guy, totally normally dressed (jeans, snickers) picked it up and ran after her before the train left the station.

I won’t give you all the stories I have but trust me when I say ‘I never felt so safe in my entire life’ !!!

You can go anywhere, anytime, by feet, taxi, subway, Uber… EVERYTHING is safer than any other place. Why is that? Yeah, the government and the ruling system. And Chinese respect for each other. I never said there is no rubbery or assault, but compare to my beloved Europe, I guarantee it is WAY below the average! Welcome to safety land, in those BIG cities with many many people and still so few problems.

Polytheater of Beijing

So, this is 2 myths about China you can say you have been enlightened about now. And I won’t stop with those two, there is more to come.

I would thank my dear friend Rosine who inspired me to start writing about those topics. She has been living in China way longer than I have and speaks perfect Mandarin. I strongly encourage you to go visit her own blog here: www.beyondourcorners.com

Beyond Our Corners
Print screen of my friend’s blog – http://www.beyondourcorners.com

See you soon guys!

all pictures are mine. For more, check my #Instagram instagram-logo @romain_blog

One thought on “Why are you so afraid of China? Chinese myths (part I)

  1. This is such a great post. I experienced a lot of same stuff when I lived in Korea especially the one about being super safe and also, leaving your stuff around and getting it returned. I only visited Beijing once but I would love to visit China and explore other cities/regions. I wrote a similar post like this about living in Kuwait because so many people have misconceptions about countries they don’t know much about. Feel free to check it out and keep on dispelling myths!


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